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Æon Flux /ˌiːɒn ˈflʌks/ is an avant-garde science fiction animated television series that aired on MTV in various forms throughout the 1990s, with film, comic book, and video game adaptations following thereafter. It premiered in 1991 on MTV's Liquid Television experimental animation show as a six-part serial of short films, followed in 1992 by five individual short episodes. In 1995, a season of ten half-hour episodes aired as a stand-alone series, rated TV-14. Æon Flux was created by Korean American animator Peter Chung (who also created the character designs for Phantom 2040, which used a similar animation style as Æon Flux). A live action motion picture loosely based upon the series and starring Charlize Theron was released in theaters on December 2, 2005, preceded in November of that year by a tie-in video game based mostly on the movie but containing some elements of the original TV series. The title is based on the Gnostic notion of an Æon – emanations of God – specifically the Valentinian notion of a syzygy, a sexually complementary pair of emanations, here the two main characters. The Gnostic influence is also present in the use of a demiurge in one episode.